Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/10/18


To some degree we all judge other people.  So, let me ask you a question:

What is something for which you are quick to judge others?    

77 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/10/18

  1. Driving too slow in front of me. It drives me insane!!! I still try to trick myself into not judging people by saying things like “God, wants me to slow down and is using the person in front of me to do that”. It still bugs me.

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  2. I never thought of myself as being a judgemental person, thought that I was raised better than that but my adult life as of late, has shown me how wrong and possibly blind and ignorant I have been. To answer your question, the one thing that I am always and I stress always quick to judge about is when a child is too small too young to be alone outside. When I see adults drinking and smoking pot around them, etc… Parents yelling at their kids in an inappropriate way in public, talking down to them etc..okay, so not so quick a response. sorry. 😦

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