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      1. Corruption, atrocities committed in its name, over the top criticism of other groups (I.e. homosexuals, etc), archaic and regimented rules, etc, etc. Take your pick. To them talk, it’s due to the depravity and degradation of society. I think it’s because of their depravity and degradation of those who don’t follow the nonsense they attempt to impart…most of which has more to do with hate and control than with faith. Just one mans opinion though.

      2. That already happened, to the Catholic Church at least, with only a small blip. You’re probably right. It’s so entrenched in society. But, that trench gets a bit more shallow year by year.

    1. I’m surprised at the number of people who think religion will end. The powers are too rich, too influential, too political. I don’t see religion ever going away.

  1. I think religion is one of the largest things that cause wars and to be honest, when I do believe in God (I have moments where my faith is tested) I find it hard to reconcile that people all believe that their God is the God. There are so many different ones that people believe in. I feel there is one God.

  2. You assume it has not already. (Unless I missed it,) that would be a better question. 😀 To be honest, there will always be religion because it is not possible to prove or disprove the existence of a creator.

      1. The number of people following a religion is an indications popularity not of obsolescence. To answer that question, you have to ask what is the purpose of religion and does it still serve that purpose?

  3. I don’t understand why people hold such animosity towards religion, per se. Religion itself as a system of faith is actually fairly peaceful or neutral — as most of the largest world religions insist on and espouse peace. Most of the bad things that are attributed to “religion” are actually caused by and carried out by the human beings who misinterpret and/or misrepresent the belief systems of particular religions. And, as long a there are human beings on this planet, human fallibility is not going away.

  4. Organized religion? I have to remind myself that this is not just Christianity. There are other “organized religions” out there. I think they are still attracting new followers. The plight of many in parts of the world where there is war, strife, famine, hardship and a bleak view of the earthly future will always lead people to hope for something better in an afterlife or hope for the help and solace of a Higher Power of some sort.

  5. This is a dangerous question to ask in public, and even worse online. Kudos. 🙂

    Organized religion. I don’t know, as much as it seems to becoming less and less it is still very powerful. I don’t know if I will see organized religion completely gone in my lifetime, but maybe it will someday. I just don’t expect it to in the near future regardless of my feelings on it. It is kinda like asking will our horrible governments ever be obsolute. I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist, and I wouldn’t be surprised if religion is high up there with the few that are running the world. I don’t conspire about who exactly is running the world, but it is clear to me that a select few are and how scary it actually is I don’t think people even realize. So no I don’t think it will be obsolete. Even if it does more damage than good. It is still a very strong tool in war (Another way we can separate humans to make them lesser so we can then kill them) it is strongly practiced still here in my country by churches and people, how much money is tied into religion and so on. It still runs the world in many ways. So when people tell me religion is a bunch of humbo jumbo and they don’t need to learn anything about it. I tell them how wrong they can be. I may not believe in religion, but when I am still asked to swear on a bible in court (and even though I have the option to not if I deny it, the jury is likely at least 50% religious argue with me if you want, and will judge me cause that is how the world works) that I feel it is important to be somewhat educated about religion. Since it still does exist in society rather we want it to or not. That is my thoughts on religion being obsolute or not, etc and not any other opinions in fear of things blowing up.

    I applaud you for asking this question again. 🙂

  6. Do I think religion will become obsolete? No but it will change form. If you have ever read any kind of Greek Mythology when they talk about the gods up on Mt Olympus…once the mountain was climbed everyone knew that the gods were not real. Now fast forward to religion today. Can you imagine something that could be almost impossible to prove as a “God” in the sky that was never actually seen or heard. A man that was “sent down to save us all from our selves” and sacrificed. And now millions of people follow in “faith” without seeing. This to me seems to be just another turn of the same as with Greek mythology. Something will change it and take it’s place. We need something to believe in just for hope if nothing else. I was told once a long time ago religion was created for women, children, and old men to keep them busy. Whether that is true or not, I don’t know. Me personally I have never been religious but I have been spiritual.

  7. This is such a tough question. I was raised a Catholic, but as a teen grew dissatisfied with the Church and this was before the sex abuse scandal broke. For the last several years my husband and I have been attending an Episcopal church. I like it because our minister is a woman and the church excludes no one. They even have special masses for animals! But I digress. Here’s what I think. Depending on how long the human race survives, religion in one form or another will survive. It may change and evolve, but people want, no need to have faith in a higher power.

  8. Unfortunately no. Religion is like an aggressive form of cancer, no matter what gets thrown at it it comes back stronger then ever. People will always be scared of death, and people like the stability and regime that religion provides. As the world gets more crazy I think religion will start getting more popular again. Because scared sheep flock together.

    I have a huge problem with organised religion but to clarify that doesn’t include faith.

  9. Timely question. I’m reading Origin by Dan Brown. The story centers on a brilliant scientist that makes a discovery that he believes will make religion obsolete worldwide. I haven’t finished the book yet, but it’s an intriguing idea. One of the recurring thoughts in the book is that science has rocked religion throughout history, but religion has always adapted to discoveries like those of Copernicus and Darwin. Another approach is that religion and science are saying the same things in many cases, but with different terminology.

    I think religion will and has adapted, but I also think that an educated society may gravitate away from it in increasing numbers. I also believe it’s possible to have some type of faith without it being tied to religion.

      1. I think it’s a gradual chipping away and evolution. We’ve had profound discoveries in the past like the earth and planets revolving around the sun and religion has just adapted.

      1. Because people are looking for more than another set of rules for life. They are looking for a relationship that enhances their lifestyle. Simply following rules doesn’t effect change…at least, not long lasting, meaningful change.

      2. There billions of people in the world who participate in religious institutions around the globe. I would argue that religion is anything but obsolete.

      3. I can only speak to what I am familiar with and subscribe to, which is the Bible. So here goes…
        In my estimation, you are correct in saying “there are billions of people in the world who participate in religious institutions”. This speaks nothing of a personal commitment to actually practicing the fundamental beliefs as a way of life. My counter argument would be that the operative phrase is “religious institutions”. The dynamics and underlying principles of an institution can vary and may change from one culture to the next. I am certain that one could say the same of a lifestyle and relationship. However, as it relates to spiritual matters, there is the factor of transformation as opposed to conformity. One offers the freedom to become who you were created to become, as well as, to realize and fulfill your purpose for being. The other speaks of a silent coercion to be what others deem appropriate and acceptable. To use the term “obsolete” would suggest that we should replace religion with another institution that would purportedly be an improvement over its predecessor. Oftentimes, the replacement is not any better than its predecessor and, more often than not, will lead to another fragmented entity. What I am suggesting is a return to the basic fundamentals in its purest essence, which placed its greatest emphasis on relationship and community. This does not negate the importance of order as established by adhering to the basic fundamental beliefs. However, it places everything in its proper place and allows everything to fulfill its intended purpose.

      4. I guess it comes down to how someone views “obsolete”. In a spiritual context I can see your argument. In a “this world” context religion is anything but obsolete.

      5. And that was more of the context I was speaking. It is interesting how the same situation exists now as in the 1st century when Jesus walked the Earth. What has changed is instead of speaking out against Pharisees, he’d probably be speaking out against the Church.

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