Now it’s Tea Bags!

S C Richmond

Imagine my horror…


I finally got around to slowing down my coffee habit and drinking more tea, after all look at it, it looks perfect right? In all honesty I don’t drink ordinary tea but I am really enjoying discovering herbal teas… So tasty and healthy. Then someone told me about the plastic in tea bags… I was horrified.

I got onto google straight away and indeed it is true a thin film of plastic is used inside the bag to allow the bags to be heat sealed. I’m in a quandary now, is that cup of tea that I am growing to love really potentially worse for me than all of the coffee I was guzzling?

IMG_20171220_164224_761.jpg So I did some more searching and my favourite teas (Pukka) DO NOT use plastic tea bags, oh the joy, I was so pleased that all was not lost in my bid for healthy…

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