Biasini Speaks: Life Isn’t Perfect!


Life isn’t perfect is it Dear Humans? We all know that don’t we?  As you may know I am spending the winter in Florida and, yes, I am very lucky to be here. I have heard that the weather back home has been dreadful and cold and miserable. So I am happy to be here where it is warmer.  But it is not perfect. Nope.

So what is less than perfect about being here in Florida? Well just a couple of things.

  1. When it rains it pours and I’m talking about sheets of rain. It rains so hard that when I look out my stall window I can’t even see that far. And that rain means we will not be getting turnout the next day. At home it rains too and we just go out into the mud. But here it isn’t mud. The rains forms huge puddles that don’t…

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