Black Lighting and Blue Sun.

The Novel: UnHoly Pursuit: Devil on my Trail

Up in my neck of the country there has been several unusual phenomenons in the past six months. One morning, shortly before Thanksgiving a blue sun was seen in the east sky. Yes, it was the sun. At first ,I thought it was the moon but I looked closer and saw it didn’t have the moon craters. It was around seven a.m. and yes it was the sun. A pale blue sun. 

Because the moon was long gone. I had seen the moon earlier that morning, so yes, it wasn’t the moon.

I watched it as I drove down the road. (Mind you, I kept my eyes on the road.) It was suspended in the sky just over the mountaintop a few minutes before bursting forth into the bright sun shine of the day. I will admit it startled me when it suddenly leaped into the sky. I have seen…

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