The Thing I Love About Vacation Planning

The Thing I Love About Vacation Planning

The Thing I Love About Vacation Planning…

Evelina and I started planning our big vacation for 2018 this morning.  We are going to go down and spend a week at the condo in Naples.  If you recall we spent last year in Naples as well and highly recommend visiting if you get a chance.

This June we will spend nearly a week relaxing on the beach, eating at Grouper and Chips, riding bikes and maybe a little shopping for Evelina.





We love it there and are so excited to go back.  When we leave there we are going to cap off our trip with a couple days at Disney World (imagine that!), but we will not be staying at the resort this time.  Honestly, as much as I love Disney I do not love the prices.  So to conserve money we will be staying off property and commuting to the parks.

My favorite thing about vacation is the planning and anticipation.  It is an awesome feeling to be preparing now for a big trip in June and gives me motivation each week as a little more is added to the trip itinerary!

Are you planning a vacation for this year?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


17 thoughts on “The Thing I Love About Vacation Planning

  1. Your trips sound great, Danny.
    I do have plans for travelling twice this year, at least. I wish to visit my new Grandson and his parents in Denmark. Next travel will be to Germany to visit my coming Grandkid and parents.
    What more will happen, time will show. I’m not that good for planning in front.

  2. Naples sounds perfect right about now! Back in the deep freeze we go. It’s funny you mentioned Naples, because our primary trip this year is to Florence for a wedding, in June. And a late Summer or Fall Break trip to Ocracoke. That’s it for now.

      1. Ha! No. I spent half my years as a kid in SC after my parents divorced. I’ve seen and been to every corner of the state. And while I love SC, I think I’d pick Italy any day. 😃

  3. Our son is currently working in Sydney Australia for six months and he would like us to go down there to see him and have a visit. We were there as a family many years ago. I’m not too keen on going again due to the length of time for travel and the expense. But we shall see. So it’s a maybe at the moment.

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