Weathered: Lava’s Journey to the Bottoms of My Feet

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

Hawaii's Black Sand Beach

Although our week on the Big Island of Hawaii is nearing its end, I managed to incorporate our visit to Volcanoes National Park into the Weekly Photo challenge: Weathered.

Where did the sand of the famous Black Sand Beach at Punahu’u come from?

Weathering is the change of appearance or texture of dried lava rock over countless eons of exposure to the elements.

Most folks know that the island chain of Hawaii was created over tens of thousands of years of volcanic activity,  which continues to this day. In fact, the volcano, known as the Kilauea Caldera, is active and attracts millions of curious tourists each year to the Big Island.

A look at the Kilauea Caldera over three miles wide. Another crater within the caldera spews out sulfuric steam through it’s vents as water enters cracks in the rocks and comes in contact with the magma.

Hawaii's Kileaua Caldera

When a…

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