Assumptions: The Danger of Basing Life On Them

Assumptions: The Danger of Basing Life On Them

DannyAssumptions: the danger of basing life on them…

I’m not sure if you ever thought about it, but we operate every single day on assumptions.  We assume we will arrive safely to our destination when we get in our car to take a drive.  We assume oncoming traffic is going to remain in their lane.  We assume we are going to wake up in the morning after a good night’s sleep.  We assume our job site is going to be operational tomorrow.   Assumption is a necessary part of life, but it can also cause us to get too casual in our decision making.

For instance, it could be a dangerous assumption to believe one will not die any time soon.  This assumption could lead one to make the poor decision of riding a bike on the roads during rush hour traffic.  Or walking on the road at night in dark clothing with one’s back to the traffic flow.   Assumption could also lead someone to casually operate around dangerous machinery without the proper safety equipment in place.

As I drive around Charlotte each day I see people dangerously operating on the assumption that no matter what their life will be safe.  People pull out in traffic leaving themselves mere inches of clearance, when if they waited another 15 seconds all the traffic would be clear.  I see women applying makeup in the mirror driving at 70 miles per hour.  I’ve seen people eating, talking on the phone while driving with their knee.  People are so casual about driving that they have forgotten how dangerous driving can be; in the wrong hands a car becomes a weapon.

Dangerous assumptions.

Each day I try to be aware of my actions and ask myself if what I’m about to do is the smartest, safest course of action.  Life can be dangerous enough as it is, why do things to unnecessarily increase the element of danger?


15 thoughts on “Assumptions: The Danger of Basing Life On Them

  1. As I view many assumptions, I see much egoism. Some people don’t care about others than maybe themselves or don’t care at all.
    We never know, which day will be our last here and might be grateful for each day.

      1. Cars come to mind first when I think about this topic. Cars are dangerous, yet humans so casually do all kinds of activities while driving. It boggles my mind.

  2. The worst I’ve seen here is kids riding bikes with no lights and also dark clothing. People walking at night w dark clothing are impossible to see. Common sense must not come into play.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this way. I pass people walking on the wrong side of the road at night in the dark wearing dark clothes. It makes me think “how does that make sense to them?”

  3. So true… assumptions and thinking you’re invincible. I’ve often thought of this as an issue with kids/teens, but you find it in all ages. Slowing down a little and being more mindful can help 🙂

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