Love To Be Right? Here’s What You’re Missing

A Christian In Bloom

There are many growing pains throughout a Christian walk and safe to say, you should never stop growing.

As a Christian, it is asked of you to smile, be patient, kind and love one another until the day comes that justice is served and honestly, what’s wrong with that?

Showing kindness, compassion, love, mercy, forgiveness…they are all such wonderful qualities to have yet there are going to be moments during your walk with God when you look up and ask –

“Aww…do I really have to?”

Yes, you do.

Isn’t that frustrating sometimes? Seeing and hearing some of the junk that flies around in this world and yet having to bite your tongue, be the bigger person and most of all, the person God wants you to be.

It’s tempting to want to cave sometimes and get up on our soapbox and seek justice… the last word…the title of being…

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