59 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/16/18

      • That is a genuine concern. Having seen countless house fires, and personally rescued people and pets from burning buildings, I have a fire extinguisher in every room of my house and twice the number of smoke detectors needed. Seriously. Fire is no joke.

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      • Oh no, not a joke at all… One of the things I love about my apartment is that we have a fire station a corner of the street away! Hoping we’ll never need it, but it is there! 🙂

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      • I remember one time there was a chimney fire at my parents house when I was home visiting them from college. I somehow managed to have had the fire completely put out before the fire department arrived. It took two 20 pound dry chemical extinguishers to do it, but I did it. 👍

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      • Funny you should mention that… I believe my fear started after a chimney fire at my parents’ when I was about 10 years old… My parents had gone to sleep really early, and I was alone in the living room. A weird rumbling sound started, and the whole wall was shaking! Before I knew it, I had awakened my parents, called 911, we had extinguished the fire in the fireplace with cat litter, (clean one… LOL) and we were outside, looking at ambers rolling on the roof, while waiting for the firemen…

        Yeah, not quite a mystery I fear fire now, I guess… LOL

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      • Good point… But wouldn’t you say that even firemen must have a certain fear/respect of fire? In the sense that it seems to me someone completely fearless in front of potential danger is endangering the whole team?

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      • Common sense, for sure. Nobody is ever truly without fear. Though for the record, there was not a single work related fatality or injury during my watch. Well, except for a broken arm that a crew member sustained falling off the top bunk of a bed at 4 in the morning when a call came in.

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      • No, I am not afraid of being set on fire myself (thought I am a proud member of the “Not being on fire” group on Facebook! LOL)

        I am afraid of seeing my home burned. I can see my apartment’s building from work, and about a week before Christmas, there was a major fire in our neighbourhood. At first, from my office’s window, I was absolutely convinced it was my house burning down…

        One of the worst feelings I’ve experienced so far… Just thinking about it, my fingers get a little shaky….

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  1. Hmmm. Someone’s been watching The Last Avatar. I know both are powerful, but I’ve never seen power like that of water. It’s a blessing, and necessary to life, but it can ravage entire communities. I’ve seen its Force firsthand, and it’s not tombe played with. I’d pick Water.

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  2. Control in what way?

    Could I say control water so every human being on this planet has access to cleanable drinking water for life? Or in a sense control it when a tidal wave is coming straight for me or my community? Either way I’d say water. About 71% of our earth is water, and with climate change, all the crazy natural disasters around the world feels like at times our time on earth may be limited, water would be my choice. Water is a very strong force and it is not to be reckoned with. I think we can control fire for the most part, as long as we keep them out of the forest. Educating people about fire safety can stop fires for the most part, big ones anyways. Water because it is 71% of this earth, cannot really be controlled. It is unpredictable because it is a product of mother nature. Man created fire, we should be able to destroy it. Water has both purposes, to destroy but is also durable and has a purpose. I could control water to also heat, so I wouldn’t need fire. Fire has one purpose mainly to destroy, I could control fire tbh by controlling water as water puts fire out. Makes sense? xD

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      • Lol Glad I could convince you. 🙂 And you found my answer well thought out. I enjoy your questions of the day, some of them really inspire me to think of things I wouldn’t normally think about. Good for the brain.

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      • I appreciate the feedback and am glad you enjoy the questions as much as I enjoy posting them. My goal has always been to provoke people to think; get outside their own box and contemplate.

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  3. If I had control over water that would mean all its states , vapor, cold, hot, ice , hail, fog . I’m good with controlling weather and having a hot shower whenver I like and the power to flood deserts.

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  4. I’m with some others who choose water because controlling water would allow the controlling of fire. Plus, water is necessary for life, so I would make sure it was clean and distributed to all life forms. Water is also life to other life, such as fish, so controlling it and keeping it clean means happy fish. I would also want to control it because I can’t swim. 🙂

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