Welcome Dream Big Partner: Writing Outside!!

I am pleased to welcome the latest blogger to become a Dream Big Partner: Write Outside


Here is an excerpt from the Write Outside about page:

“I am a Southern Yankee. Raised in Jersey, grew up in North Carolina (yes there is a difference). I am part Irish and part Italian. What parts you may ask? I inherited my freckles and fish belly white skin tone from the Irish and my petite midget-esque stature from the Italian. So I’m kinda like a leprechaun minus the gold. My brother got the tall dark and handsome genes, and yes I hold a grudge. I married my high school sweetheart, and we’ve been enamored with each other since 6th grade (insert gag reflex here). Where you find him, you find my foundation, my best friend and my happy place. At 6’2 and 5’0, we resemble green giant and sprout.

My parents both died young and I think those experiences fueled my adrenaline junkie spirit. I love jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and scuba diving into the deep. However, that toughness fades when I have to kill a spider.

I am obsessed with coffee ( cappuccino please!), traveling (I left my heart in Italy), all forms of chocolate (except white chocolate- what’s the point?), and great music (my playlists range from Dean Martin to Imagine Dragons). I can’t stand tail-gaters, those whose don’t use blinkers, mopeds or people who are “past their prime” driving ten miles below the speed limit. Hello, my name is Cara and I have road rage.

I work in the land of physical therapy, which I find both rewarding and challenging. However now I am attempting to follow one of my childhood dreams. I started with three: 1st to be the first woman president 2nd to be Paula Abdul and 3rd to be a writer of great things. Since I hate politics and confrontation, a presidential campaign is out. Though my dance moves are epic, dogs cower into the fetal position when I sing, so following in Paula’s footsteps isn’t an option. Which leaves becoming a writer of great things.

I have entered the blogosphere as a means to start this journey. So far it has been fraught with fear, inconsistency and self-depreciation. I am attempting to use my blog as a way to practice my writing skills, gain feedback and network with others who may have similar dreams.

Life continues to demonstrate its brevity to me, so I strive to fulfill my hopes and dreams now. I wish I knew what God has planned for my future, but since I don’t I pray for His guidance daily.
My current hope is to become a mother at least half as good as my own, finish my memoir and through my writing move people to think, laugh and live in the moment.

2018 Update:

Keeping to our manta of “Life is short-live it now”, my husband and I have moved to the mountains of North Carolina so he could follow his passion. We have opened up two successful fly-fishing outfitters and guide services. So you can say my husband is living the dream! I continue to work in physical therapy land in an inpatient setting, but this time I have a 180 degree view of the mountains. I have completed my first memoir and started work on my first work of fiction. I hope to find an agent for my memoir this Spring- fingers crossed! An new addition to the blog was my  amateur photography with encouragement for others to get outside. I find nature can be a great muse for writing.

Leave me a comment and introduce yourself!”

You can find the rest of Write Outside story on her page.  Her logo is in my sidebar and on the Partners’ Page at the top of my website!  When you visit be sure to tell her Danny sent ya!

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