59 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/18/18

  1. Unfortunately not. I took French in the beginning of Elementary school, then we moved when I was in grade 5. We moved to a very remote island and in their only elementary school the second language requirement was the first nation language of the first nations who lived there. I did quite well in the language (Haida) got good grades but don’t remember a single thing. I took French again in high school (as we had a choice to take Haida or French) but I always struggled with French. In fact so much it almost made me not like the language. Lol I did enough to pass, but as a result, became uninterested because no matter how hard I tried, different strategies etc, I never got the hang of it. My grandparents on my mother’s side are Austrian, and spoke a lot of German with my brother and I growing up, as a child and teens I understood a lot of the lanuage, but the dialect was difficult to grasp. So I never was able to really speak it. When we moved across the country though to that remote island, I lost a lot of it as I was no longer around my grandparents full time. As much as I love writing and English, I wonder if I have a hard time learning a second language. I understand English quite well, but even growing up I had speech therapy throughout all of elementary school (I chose to opt out in Grade 7 and kinda regret it because I still show small signs of speech impediment) I was delayed in speech by quite a few years. I had sign language my parents made up to converse with me, as well as other family peers etc. I was forced to try and speak more in school. So I wonder even if I do learn a second language I may not struggle to learn the language itself, or write it. I think speaking some second language will be quite difficult for me. It makes sense to why as a child I knew what my grandparents were saying to me in German, I just could never speak it in return. The dialect of some languages can be quite difficult to grasp. Haida was another language I had no problems writing, but could not speak it worth a damn because of the dialect. I wonder because of my problems with speech if it made second languages more difficult growing up and may be why I show little interest now.

    I would like to learn Spanish actually, but have yet to invest the time to another language probably because of above reasons. 🙂

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  2. I do right now. Danish was my first language and in school, wr was forced to read and understand Swedish and Norwegian. Later German in school.
    In high school French as a choice, but this I don’t remember much of.
    After moving to Spain, I have learned much Spanish, but not enough yet, even if I do use it daily.
    And you?

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  3. I had 4 years of Spanish for the College Prep program, and because of that, for quite some time, I could speak, read, and write it fluently. But that was more than 20 years ago, and not being able to use it, I have lost a lot of it. I still remember some, but there is no way I could ever hold an intelligent conversation with someone that can. : (

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  4. I speak a little bit of french, spanish, Italian and maltese, but not a lot. It always annoyed me I didn’t learn it while I was young, annoys me even more than my grandfather spoke close to 11 different languages and never passed that gift down to his children. I am trying to learn Spanish at the moment but it is slow going

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  5. I have survival level French. Used to be fluent but have lost my verbs. Also survival level Spanish. In both languages I have to speak in the present tense as my verbs are gone. And I have never had written Spanish.

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