My Daily Observation: 1/21/18

DannyOne of my favorite things about my blog is the number of people who email me each week to say hello or to provide their story and why they love following my webpage.  There are a few who email to complain and troll, but I have learned coping techniques for dealing with those people…I ignore them.

Yesterday I received this email…

It’s always a joy to read your musings, especially the humorous streams of thought. Happy to be a part of this family. Keep sharing! – Uncle G

Thank you Uncle G!

Also, I am so humbled when I get emails like this next one from Jennifer.  I’m not going to include everything that Jennifer wrote because it was incredibly personal so I’ll paraphrase and keep the details private.  Basically, Jennifer is home-bound and found my posts talking about my life living with MS.  She now follows my page and explained to me that she looks forward to reading my posts each day and finds them inspiring.

Her email actually made me cry.  I don’t even know how to express how humble it makes me feel having read her email.  To think that someone like Jennifer reads my blog from halfway around the world and looks forward to my posts is simply amazing.  I’m actually having a difficult time typing this.

Thank you so much for inspiring me, Jennifer!

My email for the blog is if you’d like to drop me a note and say hi.  I respond to all emails although some days it might not be immediately.  At any rate, I’d love to hear from you.

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