15 thoughts on “Surviving a nuclear attack.

    1. Whatever the truth is, it makes me stop whenever a window pops up. We are conditioned to just click “OK”, or “Confirm”, or whatever, without really reading the text. Supposedly that is what happened – there was an “Are you sure?” warning, but the person supposedly just clicked “Yes” and that was it.

    1. It surely would have been to me. However, I read that some people were actually calm, because they knew there was nothing they could do, so they enjoyed their “last minutes”.

      1. I like to think I’m a survivor, I stay calm in situations and stay in control, but only been put to the test in situations I have some degree of control

      2. As Rudyard Kipling said If you can keep your head when all about you. Are losing theirs 🙂 the wife says I’m scary when I’m calm lol kept us safe in some stressful situations over the years

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