The Truth Is…Life Owes You Nothing

The Truth Is…Life Owes You Nothing

DannyThe Truth Is…Life Owes You Nothing

There is a truth about life that many people have a hard time accepting: life owes you nothing.  Your friends don’t owe you friendship.  Your family does not owe you support.  Your job does not owe you a raise.  Your religion doesn’t owe you enlightenment.  Bloggers don’t owe you a Follow.  Life doesn’t owe you years on this planet.   Your dog does not owe you love.

All of the things above require some type of effort are our part.  We must work and prove some type of worth on some level.

We are in a constant state of expanding or shrinking.  When we work hard we expand.  We we don’t work hard we shrink.

You must get what you want the old-fashioned way….you earn it!



6 thoughts on “The Truth Is…Life Owes You Nothing

  1. Just the conversation I had with my grandson today when he came over for lunch. We were talking about waiters and tipping in restaurants. My point echoed yours. If someone decides to take that job or any job, they need to do it at the best of their ability. They are the one who decided to do a job, so do it. If they don’t like it or do their best, they need to find something else.

  2. right on Danny! I agree and I am happy to tell you that my husband would also agree and so would my two adult, hardworking, children. But it needs to be said so thanks for putting it out there.

  3. Unfortunately we live in a world where people take things for granted and want them before now. It’s the society of me, me and want, want, but it’s what consumerism and the media instil in people’s mind because the more they want and expect the more they consume. It’s all social manipulation and engineering of the masses.

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