Feeling like a Pretzel!


My Florida coach Luis Reteguiz Denizard ( Lou to his friends!) has had me working on a canter exercise and let me be candid, it has me feeling like a pretzel. So let me explain it to you.

  1. TRUE CANTER AND COUNTER CANTER.  For those of you who are not riders “true” canter is when the leading leg is the inside leg of what ever circle you are on. So if you are going to the left then the left leg, the inside leg, is the leading leg. You are riding on the “left” lead.  “Counter” canter is when you are going to the left and you ask the horse to canter with the outside, the right leg leading. This requires balance on the part of the horse and the  rider must have the ability to keep the horse in that balance.

RENVERS  This is when the horse is…

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