93 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/25/18

  1. I agree with Suze, I am claustrophobic, so neither. I don’t even keep,my bedroom door shut at night, fior heat reasons mostly, but the firefighter in the family says that is important.

      1. No candles or fire? Light. I could always go in a closet or cover with a blanket. It’s the lock part that’s scary. You are too young to remember the blackout in 1965 in New England. Now that was scary!

      2. I was in a rundown tenement with a roommate. Watching out the window, she stated smoking furiously. We had a small portable radio, but we were sure it was the start of war.

  2. I haven’t responded to one of these in a while.
    I would have to say a dark room. Intensely bright would cause you to go insane. I think. You would not be able to sleep or think or question the reason for your life…HA HA HA
    I agree with Charlie, lock me away for a week, but then again I would come home to a very unhappy family!
    Have a good week!

  3. Dark room please! I did see some experiments showing that it could drive people nuts, but with my headaches, the bright room would definately kill me. I don’t think getting blind can be fatal. 😛

  4. If I had a choice.. I would definitely choose dark.
    Your eyes can get custom to the dark.. and you can function better in the dark.

    Better than in a bright room..
    Bright light does causes restlessness.. and hard to deal with.. it’s also blinding..

  5. Either of these alternatives could legitimately be described as torture. So unless I had been ‘disappeared’ by a foreign dictatorship and was forced to make this decision I would rather not decide about this. But thanks for asking!!!

      1. I can stand it for life. I love dark and silent places. It keeps my head straight and helps me be at peace. But yeah an exposure to light after long period of darkness can be dangerous 😊

      1. That’s fair. It is difficult to imagine either scenario, but when I think of light so bright that it is blinding I can’t imagine getting any sleep. lol

  6. In a dark room because a room that is ridiculously bright would affect my hormonal health and make me over excited. In a dark room would be it difficult but it would be challenging and maybe even calming and theurapethic.

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