You Can Live as a Cause or You Can Live As An Effect

You Can Live as a Cause or You Can Live As An Effect

DannyYou Can Live as a Cause or You Can Live As An Effect…

Stress is defined as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.”  The adverse or demanding circumstances do not occur within you, but are a reference to things which happen around you or to you.

I’ve been dealing with a couple stressful situations lately that are impacting me adversely.

Here’s the kicker: all of the internal stuff I’ve allowed is 100% my own doing.

I view stress as an external thing that I allow myself to then internalize.  I have the option to control what my mind dwells on and what it does not dwell.  Stressful situations happen AROUND you not inside you.  What occurs inside you are the thoughts and emotions about the situation.

What has happened to me is I have allowed the situations in the physical world to get inside my body which then manifest themselves as tight shoulders, headaches, anxiety and stress.  And it is 100% my own doing.

To combat this I am beginning meditation.  I will sit for 15 minutes or so each day in the middle of my day when I begin to feel my mind trying to enter into what I call “The Fear Zone”.   I will then sit quietly until my mind quiets and empties.  Then I continue with my day.

I think it is important for us all to realize we are in control, not our surroundings.  You do not have to live with a mind that controls you.  You do not have to live with anxiety.  You do not have to accept that “this is just the way I am”.

You have the option to decide to take control.  Or you have the option to continue on as you always have feeling helpless and living as an effect instead of a cause.



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  1. Thats awesome Danny. I have had a meditation/mindfulness practice for about 23 years now. Sometimes I can sit and sometimes I cant. But I’ve learned to let the times when my monkey mind is on overload and I cant sit go. I can still be mindful and notice the perfect moments in the day which helps me stay grounded and present. Keeping in mind, when Im washing the dishes, just wash the dishes. I don’t know if that is helpful or supportive, but I found with this practice its good (for me) to have like-minded support. 😊

  2. Love this man, a very big realization! It is so true, it’s easy to become a part of all the madness going on around us and lose that inner stillness. Change your mind, change your life… best of luck with it all.

  3. If I didn’t have the hope filled Scriptures for meditation I would definitely be a mess! These past seven months have been especially hard with my mom’s health issues. Her lows are really low and her highs are really high. It’s been a roller coaster and I hate roller coasters!

  4. Bravo Danny! You are on the right track I think. For me my riding is a moving meditation. I simply cannot think of anything other than what I am doing right there and then on my horse. It helps me to keep my sanity. Just being around my horse even when I am not riding helps me to be calmer and let go of stress.

      1. Indeed and you are too young to be a snowbird. However if and when you reach that status there are places that are not filled with tourists and aged birds!

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    I love his take on stress and the quick, 15 min solution. I tend to have that all or nothing attitude. I’m aware of the powerful benefits of meditation, yet I don’t follow through with it because I can’t consistently devote a full hour away from the distractions at home, to it daily. I need to transport my learned behavior of ridding myself of my all or nothing thinking, to this area of my life. Stress is certainly a major player in my life this year with some hard decisions on my plate. I’ll follow Danny’s lead and start with baby steps. 15 minutes per day at home is totally doable and requires minimal effort. I’m worth it!

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