My Daily Observation: Weight Update-1/26/18

DannyOkay gang here is the skinny!  Back in December I committed to a new beginning of sorts and decided to watch what I eat in order to get my weight back under control.  Basically I was tired of looking at all the fat around my mid-section.  I am happy to report that a few modifications to my food choices has resulted in the scale becoming more of a friend.  I am down 8 pounds since December now weighing in at 188 lbs.  My goal is to break 180 and I am on track to reach that in March which will make me a happy camper.

It is simple cause and effect.  It’s funny how that principle applies to almost everything.  I put junk food in….weight increases.  I put healthier food in….weight decreases.  Wow, amazing how that works.


17 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: Weight Update-1/26/18

  1. It’s almost magic! 😛

    I did that a couple of years back… My bf and I had some weight to lose, and I just reduced our portions a little bit, and paid closer attention to what we were eating. No diet, just subtle changes… I made sure we stayed far from the scale and didn’t stress about the whole thing working or not! And I lost over 20 pounds… Very frustrating to a lot of people around me, but what can I say? It worked.

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