Not On the Agenda – Part 1

Principle Michelle

God is amazing! I must’ve said that 20 times yesterday as I started my day with about 40 women in leadership. We meet once a month to learn bible-based ways to become better leaders. I always leave encouraged and strengthened to fight the battles that eventually come.

There’s a beautiful structure to these three-hour sessions, mainly because a few of the leaders are teachers, and they want us to be fully-engaged without a lot of Sit-and-Get. We go over our homework for that session, and we get our previous submissions back with handwritten feedback from the group’s leader.

Today’s agenda was as it always is:

  1. Praise and Worship
  2. Welcome and Homework
  3. Guest Speaker
  4. Community Builder
  5. Closing Prayer

It’s always a great time with these sweet sisters, and we always linger a bit afterwards to connect with ladies we haven’t yet met or the leaders who pour into us each month…

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