32 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/27/18

      1. Now a motorcycle (donor cycle) is different! I think the motorcycle would be fun. My family members that have had one have had horrible accidents.

  1. Me driving? 80mph. Someone else driving over 100mph… I wasn’t happy because the guy driving was being a dick and I didn’t feel safe.

  2. It was about 90. It was on a trip from Chicago to visit friends in Red Hook, NY, in the Hudson Valley in 1970. The car was a 1961 Chrysler New Yorker – 4 Barrel Carb, 426 V8 (not Hemi Head) – on the Ohio Turnpike. Scared? No, except maybe of a possible encounter with the Highway Patrol. That beast was so big and smooth, I had got up to that speed without realizing it and dropped back to the speed limit ( I think it was70 ).

      1. And, since I was in the Army at the time, one of its advantages was that it had a trunk the size of New Jersey for all the stuff I didn’t have room for in the barracks.

  3. Me 100 miles an hour on a motorway, got pulled over by the police and only just got off with a warning, another couple of weeks and I would of lost my licence. Someone else driving I think its was about 140 on a racetrack it was fast

      1. Thats what I like to hear, I have been pulled over another time, I was the only sober one in a car of 5. The police officer could obviously smell it. Plus the fact one of the passengers was saying, in what they thought a whisper, ssssshhhhhh pretend to be sober. Got me out and said so have you been drinking and my reply was, no what do you take me for an idiot. Then went Jesus I am sorry. Got left off with a warning for that one as well, I had only been driving about 2 months and the road was pitch black, so was driving really slowly.

  4. 115 Mph yes I’m a fraidy cat. My friends on the other hand are the opposite. I was so scared I spoke up. I called my friend by her whole name and told her if we wrecked none of us would stand a chance!

  5. 200 KPH ( kilometers per hour) not sure what that is in mph. It was in a BMW sedan on an autobahn in Germany. Everyone was driving at that speed. So I was not frightened. I have no experience with motorcycles and I’m too old to start now.

  6. When I had my beloved used Lexus IS 300 (before my daughter totaled it), I found myself going about 100 on the Florida Turnpike as I drove to Miami. I did it without realizing it. The speedometer went up to 160. The gas pedal was barely halfway down. It was a little scary.

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