Are You Picky or Do You Simply Know Your Value?

DannyAre you picky or do you simply know your value?

I believe being “picky” is simply knowing your good enough to deserve something great.  There are times in life when people settle for less than they deserve only because they might not realize or understand their value.  People remain in bad relationships, settle for unappreciative employers and compromise when they don’t truly understand the value they bring to the table.

The situation I believe demonstrates my point best relates to employment, so let me paint a picture for you.

Let’s say Jane has worked as a customer support specialist for a retail store for 6 years.  During that 6 years Jane has developed the ability to overcome any and all difficult customer situations and often has the customer leave happy and ready to return on future visits to continue to shop and spend money with the store.  Simply put, Jane is exceptional at what she does.

The retail store has offered a few small raises here-and-there, but has a cap on what they are willing to pay customer service employees like Jane.  Not only that, but Jane is expected to work countless hours of overtime, unpredictable weekly schedules and every holiday and weekend.  This situation could make Jane feel that her worth is equal to the cap her store has placed on employees who perform customer service and she might easily adopt the mental perception of herself that her value is in direct proportion to what her company is willing to pay.

Then along come 2 other companies who place a tremendously high value on customer service and become aware of the incredible job Jane does on a daily basis.  Both of these companies are willing to offer Jane a 50% pay increase and a signing bonus.  Her schedule would only require her to work 2 weekends per month and her weekly schedule would only require her to work 8-5 on weekdays and she would be off on all major holidays.

These offers stagger Jane as she never believed nor understood that her particular skill set had tremendous value in the market.  Not only is it the skill set these companies appreciate, but it is also the person who Jane is and they respect her dedication and the fact that she loves customer service so much.  Simply put, these 2 companies see high value in Jane first, and then they see value in Jane’s ability to provide high levels of customer service.  Once Jane realizes other companies see value in her, her eyes become open to the value she should see in herself and she’s no longer willing to accept “less than” any longer.   She can now be picky in her choices of employers because she recognizes her own value and is no longer willing to settle for a company that doesn’t also recognize that value.

Here’s the cool thing: when you know your value you do not ever have to settle.  When you understand the particular skills you possess and the value those skills have in a market, then you have options, which means you can be picky.

Be picky and don’t settle; don’t ever, ever settle.


9 thoughts on “Are You Picky or Do You Simply Know Your Value?

  1. This is so very true Danny and I’m sure, that many can recognize themselves at least one time in their working life here.
    Move this thought into your mind about relationships too and many will think, if this also count them. Great post.

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    • It absolutely applies to relationships. I see so many people putting up with emotional and verbal abuse and i think “Wow, you’re worth more than putting up with that.” But they don’t see their own value.

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  2. Great post. I think all too often we think of ourselves undeserving. In work, you can put in great effort and diligence and if those around you don’t see, acknowledge or appreciate, we can often assume we are not deserving of better.

    It can be hard to be picky, but it is definitely something we need to strive for. To understand our own value.

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