Being Lydia!

My latest diagnosis, which came after my hernia repair surgery in May, is sleep apnea. While I was in recovery, I stopped breathing a few times so I woke up with a CPAP mask on my face.

Now, I am extremely claustrophobic and one of my worst fears is having something on my face. The irony here is that I am afraid of being suffocated, but an oxygen mask of any kind is used to help your breathing.

Apparently, I did very well this time (could have been coming out of sedation), and they were able to leave it on for about an hour. I ended up being kept overnight with a nurse watching me the whole time to make sure I didn’t have any more problems.

The Anesthesiologist’s recommendation was for me to be tested for sleep apnea. Now I had been tested before and both times it came out…

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