35 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/31/18

  1. Now? Cleaning a shower. I’ve had little cubby holed ones, large open ones, tiny bathroom ones, etc. The only thing that works in humidity is bleach. Asphyxiation eminent!

  2. My wife just had rotator cuff surgery which basically puts her out of commission for 3 months. She can’t lift over three pounds for that period of time. I’ve taken over many of her household tasks and I would have to say that Hell is doing laundry. It never ends and I can’t convince the people in my household to wear the same clothes every day. Every time I have the hamper emptied, it seems to magically fill up again. This glimpse into my wife’s world has convinced me of two things. 1) She’s a saint. 2) I don’t want her job.

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