My Daily Observation: Bloggers Can Be A Confusing Bunch Sometimes: 1/31/18

My Daily Observation: Bloggers Can Be A Confusing Bunch Sometimes: 1/31/18

DannyBloggers…  Let’s face it, we can be an odd bunch at times.  This is easily the most caring, understanding, open-minded group I’ve ever been associated with knowing.  Compassion out the wazoo.  But when it comes to clicking on other people’s stuff, as a collective, we simply don’t do it.  Let me explain.

I produce my own content.  I also reblog 3 bloggers each day.  On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays I produce a link post.  And 75-100 bloggers LIKE those posts every day.  When I check my Google analytics I see that few if any actually took the time to click the links and visit the bloggers I shared.

Meanwhile, I get 40-50 emails each week asking “How do I grow?”  The answer to that question is to network your butt off searching out people who will become a part of your tribe; your community.

So the work is done in the form of hand-delivered, new bloggers, yet few people actually take the time to click on those bloggers’ pages to meet them and say hi.

Let me put this in perspective.  When I first started blogging I clicked on those links.  I introduced myself to those bloggers.  And I did it 500+ times each and every day without fail and without missing a day and I did so for years.

I’m not saying this to brag, but to make a point.  There’s a disconnect in the question I’m getting so often and the action people are displaying which I monitor through Google Analytics.

Imagine this scenario….someone comes to you and complains that they need a job.  You write down a phone number and an email and say “This lady’s name is Mary.  Mary knows everyone and is a great source to know.  Call Mary and see who she knows who might be able to get you a job.”  A week later the same person is still complaining about not having a job.  You ask, “What did Mary say?”   Friend: “Oh, I never got around to emailing her.”

That’s how I feel sometimes.  I guess I’m kind of complaining to those who send the emails, but I never see networking.  Maybe what I’m going to start doing is just delete those emails; maybe not.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but they take up a lot of my time yet few, if any, seem to want to work at it.

Anyone else notice this or am I just paddling in my own canoe?



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  1. I was never in this to get my blog bigger or to make this my job, so I’m happy to be where I am follower and followee wise. But I can see your point. If they want to be a mega-blog, but don’t connect with anyone, how do they suspect that’s gonna happen? Through osmosis? I guess they think people should just show up at their site because their content is so fantastically fantastic. Like most successes in life, doesn’t happen without max effort.

    1. It is incredible to me how few people are truly willing to work hard. What some of these folks don’t understand is that after they email me I start looking for them. Guess what? I never see the working. Hell they don’t even respond to comments on their own posts!! lmao

  2. PREACH! I’ve been toying with an idea of writing a post on this topic for a while now. I’ve seen other bloggers do it, too. BUT, not much changes, because everyone does what floats THEIR boat. And I guess that is OK.

    1. My mission when I started growing was to be the exact opposite of the “Big” bloggers who wouldn’t give me the time of day. The only blogger who gave me the time of day was Jason of at Harsh Reality who would become my blog mentor. I do everything the way he does. When you put everyone else ahead of yourself your success comes from building something special. I don’t own Dream Big! The 30,000 people who visit my page each month own Dream Big. Find success in making others successful and you will never, ever fail.

  3. I have noticed this, especially over the weekend when I share anything between 10-40 posts from different bloggers, however it is growing. The one thing I have noticed with your links, is I follow a lot of them, the ones I don’t know, I go and visit.

  4. I agree 100%. I’m very busy, now, but I try to go to my followers sites at least once a week, read their posts, and personally comment. Sometimes I miss a few, but it helps in the long run to meet, not only good connections, but great people as well.

    1. It is a simple thing, but so many miss it because they are approaching blogging from the stand point of “what can I get from this.” The essence of blogging is to connect. And connecting is what keeps this whole thing alive.

  5. I noticed this when I started blogging, and it still the same thing. I admin a Facebook group for bloggers, and I see people only want to increase their traffic through SEO tricks and not put any real work into it. To anyone who asks, I always preach the value of networking: commenting on other blogs (comments with value, of course, not something like “Great post!”), sharing other bloggers’ work, and collaborating. This is what gets you far. Through networking, I have met people who have helped me grow my blog, and I was recently offered the opportunity to develop a online course and co-author a book. The hard work eventually pays off, people!

    -Fabi at Wonder Fabi

  6. I have shared some horse related blog posts on FB on my page that links to my blog site. They have had a good response sometimes and other times almost nothing. which is a shame because they have all been good posts. I follow a lot of horse bloggers and like and comment and read their posts. Very few return the favor but some do. I continue with those who respond and let the others go.

    1. I guess it annoys me sometimes because people are wasting my time by asking my advice on how to grow, but then doing nothing with my advice. lol And I get a bunch of these types of emails every day. lol

      1. This is a common scenario in life and in many professions. Good advice is given from those who actually know how something works but if it involves nose to the grindstone work it often goes unheeded!

      2. Absolutely, 100% the truth. I’m guilty of it in other areas of my life if I’m being honest. lol Maybe I’m a little hypocritical. Maybe we all are.

      3. Judging by what I’ve seen in FB blogging groups, everyone wants to “grow,” but very few want to connect. Their focus is on making money and monetization, and blogging is just a means to do that–rather than focusing on blogging and building a tribe, using monetization as a means to do keep going.

  7. I don’t get emails on how to grow a blog. But I will say, that I spend a lot of time nurturing my blog. I do that by taking the time to read, like and comment on blogs I follow. If someone likes and comments on my post I reciprocate. I get asked to help people set up blogs often, and I tell them, if you want people to read what you share, than you need to interact.

      1. I think its the reality of the amount of work and commitment to it that trips people up sometimes. And the Fear that someone is going to leave a mean comment I think can stop people from engaging in a way to help your blog grow.

  8. I wouldn’t delete emails, I would just forward a link to this post. It takes a *lot* of time to build a following and a lot of it is reciprocal. I think some folks believe that if you write it they will come; they may, but they won’t stay without the blogger’s equal recognition. I think lots of people want easy. 🙂 Good post, btw.

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