My Daily Observation – A Dream So Vivid: 2/1/18

My Daily Observation – A Dream So Vivid: 2/1/18

DannyI’m not even sure where to begin this post so I’m just typing.  I’ve been up since 4:30 am talking to Evelina about a dream that woke me up.  It is 6:04 am and I still cannot distinguish reality from what I experienced in this dream.

The dream began with Evelina and I trying to decide where we were going to eat dinner.  We were with our family, but we were Asian and didn’t have much money.  We were planning to celebrate a special occasion.  I knew the entire family although I don’t ever recall seeing them before.

Then almost like I was being sucked out of that scene, I found myself in another place in time.

Next, I was with a friend and we were both wearing military uniforms.  In the dream I was confused and asked my friend, Grant, why I was wearing this uniform.  It was at that time he told me to stop joking around and that I was an officer in the German army.  I knew every single detail of the uniform.  Can still feel the fabric on my skin.  I knew where every metal went.  I remember the shine on my shoes.  And the image of myself in the mirror was not me, but I was me.  And for some reason my uniform was white.  I remember feeling like myself but confused because I was in a different time and place.

The crazy thing about this dream is I was being pulled by a force that was dropping me into these moments that I swear were real events from my past; but events I’ve never lived.

Next I was watching a scene unfold on a 4-lane interstate divided by a 5 foot concrete divider.  On the right hand side of the interstate, on the frontage road was a Chinese restaurant with an orange sign with a dragon, the pole on which it stood was rusty.  The interstate was at the base of a mountain.  A small boy with brown hair was hit by a truck while riding his bike on that interstate.  He was wearing a Superman bicycle helmet.

Up to that point I knew these events were from the past.

This is where things turned and the events were incredibly exact, vivid and clear.

Next I was awakened from a nap by someone knocking on the door.  When I awoke I was lying on a bed in a hotel room.  I was wearing a gray shirt with silver, Shark skin colored slacks with a brown belt and brown shoes.  Evelina was in the bathroom, the door was closed but not completely shut.  I remember seeing her getting ready through the crack in the door.  I opened the main door to see 2 of my friends, Joe and Grant, standing with a man that I didn’t know, but for some reason he looked like a man I knew from many years ago named Mike.  They asked me if I was coming down and I knew in my mind that they were referring to the downstairs bar and I also knew we were there to talk about business.

But in my dream I knew that when I went to sleep it was January 31, 2018.

As I said, Evelina was in the bathroom with the door shut, but not not completely closed.  I opened the door and she had her hair in 2 small braids pulled back exactly like she likes to wear her hair.  She was wearing a red nightgown and getting ready for bed.  I asked her why Joe and Grant were asking me to go downstairs and who was the stranger with them.

She said “You know why we’re here.  And that guy with Joe and Grant is the guy we met for dinner, baby.  We just had dinner with them.  Is everything okay?”  I held her by her face and said “Baby this is very important.  What day is it?”  She said “It’s February 8th. sweetie, now get downstairs and take care of your business.”  I responded to her “Sweetie it cannot be February 8th.  We just went to sleep together a couple of hours ago and it was January 31, 2017.  If it’s February 8th that means a week went by between the time we fell asleep last night and this moment here now.”  She says, “Honey, it’s been a lot longer than a week since 2017.”

In the dream I was completely aware of all the things Evelina and I did last night before going to bed and before falling asleep.  I was completely aware of our conversations and reminded her in the dream of those conversations.  I remember being so confused about how I lost a week of time.  But the reality was that I had lost a lot more time than a week.

Once again I was sucked out of that moment and dropped in another moment.

We were standing at a bar looking at a New England Patriots Superbowl ring.  The ring was taken out of a manila folder and was encased in what looked like a piece of glass.  It was being passed around by a group of friends and when it came around to me I realized the case could be opened.  I opened the case and tried the ring on and it fit perfectly.  Then someone pointed out an envelope and it was a letter of authenticity and I realized Evelina had bought this ring for me.  My buddy PJ was there beside me and said “Hey mate, this is your ring.”  In the dream I was so proud of the Patriots for winning their 13th championship.

Then I was taken to a dark place; almost like a dark room.

In this room were 2 beds and there was a glow of light similar to the type of light that a television emits.  My friend Galen was there, but didn’t look like the Galen I know.  The force kept trying to drag me away and I kept yelling into Galen’s face “You have to remember me, please remember me, you have to remember me!”  The feeling I had was that I would see him again but for some reason he wouldn’t be able to recognize me physically, but would be able to see me if he looked close enough inside me.

This happened again and again over the course of 6-7 scenes where I am telling friends and Evelina the same thing, “You have to remember me.”   And each time it almost felt like a reincarnation situation.  Like I would return in another form and they would have to pay close attention and look deep inside to see me.

The last 3 scenes of the dream were somewhat more odd.

Evelina and I were lying on the exact bed in our bedroom, but the room was slightly different.  I was trying to explain to her that a force keeps trying to take me away and I was reminding her of all the times from the past that I implored her to “remember me.”  She said “Someone has taken our duvet cover.”  I look to the right side of our bed and a woman with long blonde hair is walking away dragging our duvet.  I said to Evelina, “Please tell me you see her.  That is the force that keeps trying to pull me.”  Evelina says to me “I do see her and I do remember you.  I remember every single time we met.  And I remember every single time you left.  I have always remembered you.”

At that moment I realized what she meant was that she remembered every single time we had met for the first time.  I knew Evelina and I had been connected for many, many lifetimes.  I recall the look in her eyes.  I remember the touch of her hand.  I remember how her face felt in my hands.  And somehow I knew we had been together for 6+ lifetimes.

Through all of these moments with Evelina they all end the same.  The force has to take me and I’m not afraid, but I don’t want to go.  And just before I go I always hold her face in my hands and say “Promise me you’ll remember me.  You have to remember me.  I have to go now, but I’ll always come back.  But you have to promise me that when I do you will remember.  You have to remember.”   And just as I’m crying typing this, I was crying in my dream.  It was so overwhelmingly emotional.

The next scene I recall was in a restaurant and a few friends were standing around a high-top type bar table.  Someone misspoke and made me feel like everyone was keeping a secret from me.  It was October and I knew we were celebrating my birthday, but the secret wasn’t about my birthday.  I asked Evelina, “What’s going on?  Why is everyone acting weird?”  Then Evelina explained to me that she was “late”.  I asked her, “What do you mean late?”  She said, “Late as in we are having a baby!”  I grabbed her and can still feel the exact emotions of that moment.  When I woke from this dream I was crying, but honestly I don’t think I actually woke up.  There were several times that I experienced waking up, but I cannot be sure that it was only in my dream.

Then the last scene was me watching a FedEx plane flying over a mountain top.  In the dream the plane was obviously in trouble.  It barely cleared the mountain and crashed in the ocean or some type of large body of water.  In the dream I even remember parts of the numbers on the tail: 7304.  It was as if I were floating in the air watching all of this happen, exactly the same feeling I had watching the little boy get hit on his bicycle.  To my left was a small river that emptied into this body of water and on that river was an old bridge made of large stones.

I remember asking a question in my mind, but not out loud: “why am I seeing all of this?”  The only answer that came to my mind was “remember the details.”  At that point I woke up again.  I have no clue what that even means.

For some reason every single scene of this dream was incredibly vivid.  More vivid, more emotional and more real than any dream I have ever experienced in my life.  When I awoke I knew I had been a German officer.  I knew that little boy had been killed on the interstate beside that Chinese restaurant.  I knew that Asian family was my family.  And I knew it was all from the past, although I’m not sure what past that is.  I can recall all of the emotions of being pulled away.  I remember how the fabric felt on my skin.  I remember the ring fitting perfectly and being so happy the Patriots had won their 13th Super Bowl.  I remember the joy of Evelina telling me we were pregnant.

I also remember waking up many times during this whole dream and telling myself you have to go back to sleep and finish this dream.  It was as if this happened 3 or 4 times, but I don’t know if I actually woke up or if it were a part of the dream.

From the point that Evelina and I were in the hotel room I knew those events were not from the past and I was confused.  But I knew that I was experiencing the future when she told me the date was February 8th.

It was so intense and so real that I am still not sure where the dream ended and where reality started, nor do I have a clue what any of it means, if anything at all.  The thing I am left with is how ridiculously vivid the details were in every scene and how real the emotions felt.


26 thoughts on “My Daily Observation – A Dream So Vivid: 2/1/18

    1. I’m still sitting here confused. It is the strangest sensation I’ve ever felt from a dream. What is really crazy to me is the German uniform scene and the scene in which Evelina and I talked about February 8th. It makes no sense that those specific types of details would be in a dream. I am perplexed. It felt so real.

      1. Some think they’re meaningful of something in your life, others that it’s just randomness. I lean towards the former usually. Now, what it means, I haven’t a clue. 😃

      2. Dont be confused. Dreams are mostly strange but connected to our thoughts, subconcious thoughts, intercations and imaginations. It is evitable to have the this way. Don’t stress out qnd just relax. Think it like another drem. 😊

  1. Danny you were able to decribe your dream in such a detail is amazing. I remember having many many dreams weird, nice and if all kinds. And i pomise me in my subconcious that i am going to writw about it. But, the irony, i do not remember a shit. You are extremly lcuky you could remember the extreme details. And it was fun reading it.

      1. I can very well understand. A restless, crative mind is always full of bizzarly unending thoughts. And all those are on super high note in our sleep hours. Thats why wee gour writers are ine of the best ones too.

  2. Do you really believe now that you’re wide awake, that it might be past lives you remember? That would be interesting. I have no clue, but the idea of transporting your spirit to another life after the present is an intriguing idea. The dejavu feeling occurs and you wonder, am I crazy or did this really happen?

    1. I will honestly say that for the first time in my life I “feel” inside me that I have lived past lives and that Evelina and I have known each other for many lifetimes. I cannot explain it except to say that I know inside myself that this was much more than a dream. And yes, my eyes have been opened.

      1. I agree 100%. I’m actually really skeptical when someone says otherwise. The truth is we have no idea. lol People who believe they have the afterlife all figured out baffle me. We can only speculate.

  3. I would suggest that for some unknown reason you have tapped into past lives. Have you read “Many Lives Many Masters” (my mind has gone blank on the authors name but he is a psychiatrist in Miami of some note). I would suggest reading it and then your dream or dreams may seem more “normal”.

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