Have You Landed a #Job Interview Yet? Check Out 10 Common #Resume Writing Mistakes to Avoid.

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Are you wondering why employers are not calling you for job interviews?  Well, the writing on your resume could be the problem.  Maybe you’re not being detailed enough on your resume, or you’re being too detailed.  You may also have typos or other errors on your resume that you’ve overlooked.  The following are 10 common resume writing mistakes to avoid.

pexels-photo-265036.jpegLying: Lying about your work history, education, etc. can have serious consequences. Employers conduct background checks.  And even if you are hired after lying on your resume, that doesn’t mean you’ve gotten away with it.  You can get terminated once your employer figures out you weren’t truthful.  So, be honest.

Spelling & Grammar Errors:  Make sure you review your resume for spelling,  grammar or any typos. Have your resume proofread by a couple of friends or relatives if possible. 

Taking a One-Size-Fits-All Approach: Make sure that your education, skills…

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