Mental Illness – A Blessing Or A Curse?

Being Lydia!

I had a visit yesterday with my dear friend Dee. Since we moved away I haven’t seen her often.

That being said, we have the kind of friendship that transcends face to face visits, phone conversations or even email contact. We know that the other is thinking of us and we are always there for each other whether it be for a laugh, a cry, a chance to vent, or a prayer. Our visit was all of the above.

With it being “Bell Let’s Talk Day” to boost awareness and kill the stigma of Mental Illness, we talked about how far I have come. I mentioned how when I first decided I was going to be open and honest about my conditions (for example at our church), it was met with mixed reviews. Some people embraced me for my honesty and others became guarded or avoided me.

Dee said something that…

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