My Daily Observation – More People Need to Remain Silent: 2/4/18

Danny's iphone 580One of the most common observations I make happens when I listen to others talk; especially when it relates to politics and/ or religion.  What I have noticed is how infrequent people have an informed opinion.  I hear a lot of repetition.  I hear a tremendous amount of regurgitation.

I’m not aiming to take away opinion, but I wonder how many of us are playing Monday morning quarterback through most of our life.  How many people actually take the time to educate themselves first, then form an opinion based on some reasonable amount of intellect.

One of the reasons I don’t ever talk politics is because I simply don’t care about politics.  And because I don’t care, I don’t study the history of politics and therefore I am ignorant.  And because I realize I’m ignorant I don’t pretend to know.

I think a lot of people are pretending to know.  They pretend to know about politics.  They pretend to know about religion.  They pretend to know about sports.  They pretend to know about economics.  They pretend to know about everything.

Let’s face it, any person can have an opinion, but does that opinion have substance?  Does it carry weight?  Does it mean something or is it all talk?

The truth is they know little to anything.

They are like someone who stands in the downtown area banging a drum.  Yes it is loud.  Yes it gets people’s attention.  But after a while that banging drum becomes annoying and wreaks havoc on the senses.

But well supported thought is like a light in the darkness.  It draws us because it is based not only on individual thought and rationale, but it is based and supported with facts.  And that informed thought becomes like a light in the darkness; it draws us in and makes us seek it, drawn in like a bug.

I think most people live in the former dynamic.  They “know” about politics.  They “know” about sports.  They “know” about economics.  They talk, talk, talk in order to have an opinion, but actually know little; they are the drum.

You should be different; be the light.

“It is better to remain silent and be assumed the fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove the doubt.”


13 thoughts on “My Daily Observation – More People Need to Remain Silent: 2/4/18

  1. Years ago when I started walking down the road of awareness, I also began another practice, silence is golden. It was amazing how many people would posture and get angry in a conversation of opposing opinions about something they really knew nothing about, and I was free. I’ve realized that I know nothing about anything, so I don’t get pulled into conversations like that, I just walk away and enjoy the sun and the animals, it is the best my life has been.

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  2. I used to like talking about politics. Sometimes I still do, but most of the time, I just remain quiet now. It seems like everyone “knows” better and there is no point in discussing even. It’s challenging to remain silent, but it definitely can be a virtue. It makes me sad a little, though, because silence kills passion…

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  3. Since I got sick and the meds and brain fog have taken over, it is very easy to remain silent because I either don’t remember or can’t think of anything to say. There is an upside to everything! Great post, my friend.

    PS, hope I didn’t say too much!

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