My Daily Observation – My Blogging Strategy Change: 2/6/18

My Daily Observation – My Blogging Strategy Change: 2/6/18

DannyWhen I first started blogging I was a sponge for information.  I wanted to know anything and everything I could so that I would grow at the fastest rate possible.  At that time the “in” thing was social media and understanding its power to propel a blog to massive amounts of views.  And like many bloggers I had my page connected to every possible outlet: Facebook, IG, Twitter, Stumble, Tumblr, etc.

But in the last 6 months I have adjusted my view on how I broadcast my page.  I have completely disconnected from social media and have focused more on WordPress, email subscribers and search engines for my traffic.

The reasons for the change are complicated and simple all at the same time.

First, social media is an entity unto itself which requires its own commitment in order to be used effectively.  It was taking up a tremendous amount of my time and honestly I got tired of the grind of Facebooking and managing Twitter.

Second, search engines bring a much wider audience from many walks of life.  And unlike Facebook, they find me instead of vice versa.

Another change I made last year was to use a third-party email subscriber list to build a database.  I never want to be beholden to one primary source for my traffic and having a group of dedicated email subscribers is important.

What’s interesting is this formula is much, much different than what I have done in the past, but it seems to be functioning at a higher level which is nice.  At one point, the grind of being on so many social media sites was causing me to consider discontinuing my blog.  So instead of quitting I disconnected.

The important thing for me is to continue to find new ways to function and to change my plan when needed.  Somethings work, somethings do not.  But when the source of joy becomes a source of pain, it might be time to rethink the plan.



13 thoughts on “My Daily Observation – My Blogging Strategy Change: 2/6/18

  1. Social media seems to be sooo draining. And it becomes impersonal after a while. You build your following and soon everything gets lost in your extensive feed. And you stop interacting. Or you just mindlessly mash the “Like” button and call it interacting.

  2. They say 20% of what you do is what gives you 80% of your results, and I realized the time I’d been spending with social media wasn’t really paying off. So I started 2018 with the goal of focusing on the things that have given me results: search engines, writing good quality posts, and connecting with other bloggers. So far, my blog traffic is on the rise, and the time spent and my stress levels are decreasing. I was deadly afraid of ignoring social media, but it’s not the blogging apocalypse it thought it would be. There are certainly more productive ways of investing my time!

  3. Danny, great post. Engagement is about writing. Clicking like and leaving without commenting really has a negative impact because it feels like robots or fake accounts are pushing the like. There is no actual interaction. We are people behind the computers. Why not dedicate a few minutes to write a comment!!

  4. Interesting. For me I find the WordPress community very supportive. Facebook is a bit of a minefield but there are groups on Facebook that are of people interested in the same aspects of horses and riding that I post about and so if I put up a post that deals with training tips, or has photos of top riders showing or riding Facebook will bring me a lot of readers. But they do not engage in the same way as WordPress readers do. I have never bothered with Twitter or Instagram I just don’t have enough time.

      1. I agree. However posting riding things on FB can sometimes generate a lot of views. It’s just not worth putting effort into getting likes/follows etc.

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