Is That What You Call Cheating?


I got a lot of great feedback from my post, Monogamy…is that even possible?. The feedback, and reflection on my personal journey, led to another question. What is cheating?

I think there is a huge disparity in how men and women define cheating. Or is it just a disparity in how cheaters vs. non-cheaters define cheating?(See, I listen, and, I heard what my male readers had to say :-)). A cheater gives himself a pat on the back, and thinks you should too, if you find out about the other woman/man before they had sex with one another. Because for a cheater, it is not considered cheating if they aren’t having sex. An “innocent conversation” here and there, a lunch date, dinner…that is nothing to a cheater. Everything is fair game as long as they don’t have sex! This is why you get the side eye as you…

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