Developing The Skill of Patience

Developing The Skill of Patience

DannyDeveloping the skill of patience…

Now, now, now, now, now!!  My mind screams at me sometimes which reminds me of how far I have come, but also is a process check on how far I have to go.  I am not always the most patient person, especially as it relates to me getting ahead.  When I set a goal I want to reach said goal as quickly as possible.

And as much as I work on being patient there are those moments when I get frustrated because things are not moving at the pace that suits me.  Then I try to curtail these thoughts of frustration with “everything happens for a reason and in the right time and in the right order.”  I have to remind myself of this mantra often.

In the world we live I can have virtually anything I want when I want it, how I want it and where I want it.  I click a button and 30 minutes later food from any restaurant I choose can be on my doorstep.  But as convenient as life has become in the civilized world there are still inescapable facts and one of those facts is that sometimes we have to wait.  Honestly, it pains me to even type that last sentence.

Waiting is tough.  Waiting means certain parts are out of our control.  Waiting means you might not be ready.  Waiting means the timing might not be right.  Waiting means discipline.

Here’s the thing: patience is a skill that can be developed.

For some patience comes more easily than for others, but patience can be honed and crafted into a weapon.  And I believe patience might be one of the most under-appreciated weapons in an achievers arsenal.




7 thoughts on “Developing The Skill of Patience

  1. Patience is a great tool to have, Danny.
    While I was young, I had lots of patience. Later, after many challenges, the line became shorter.
    After moving to Spain, I really have been tested, more than any other place, I have lived.
    My illness, which brought me to be in hospital for 2 months, where of 35 days not able to do anything out of the bed, made me learn about patience again, again. After that patience to learn all from beginning again. How to hold a fork, knife, spoon, pencil without shaking etc. How to walk, how to come from sitting to standing and down to sitting again, this made me find patience and gratitude for life at all. Sometimes illness can force us to go down in speed, which again help us to find patience, because we need to.

    1. Sometimes slowing down is a necessity. I hate you had to go through all of your challenges, but hope they made you stronger and more capable. Maybe not physically, but emotionally and spiritually.

  2. “patience is a skill that can be developed” no truer words. Photography and hospitals gave me the skill of patience. I once stared into a camera for three hours waiting for a rat to come out of a hole in a wall. I got the photograph … And hospital and surgical waiting rooms … good grief. Thanks for a great read! g

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