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Today on another forum, I came across a POWERFUL blog by a 61-year-old male ( because it was a breath of fresh air) regarding the beauty of middle-aging women. My favorite line, although there were several nuggets of wisdom is, “” A woman who is about 50 or 55 will appeal to me best. That’s when they really know some things about life.” Responses from mature women who have experienced this dating dilemma (or is it?) ranged from continual anger at the opposite sex to losing their sense of self-worth over it. Some feel “less than” based on being turned away simply because of age.

I’ve also noticed men, (not all) in my 50 plus age bracket either preferring younger women or are only interested in sex, not commitment. This last nugget of wisdom was surprising so I questioned a few men since I will never be able to think like one…

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