Let It Shine

2 R Better Than 1

Yesterday, I made two great decisions. I said yes to one thing and no to the other. My no released a heavy burden that I was trying to carry, and y’all know my body ain’t built for baggage. Neither is yours, by the way. My yes resulted in an outpouring of love, lots of giggles, and the type of self care that my body has been craving.

I spent a few early morning hours with three girlfriends eating breakfast and filling our cups — both literally and figuratively. If you were seated near us, you’d feel the warmth of our love for each other enveloping you at your table. If you were watching as I entered the restaurant, you’d note that my sisters were unaware of my presence. They were basking in those precious few moments together and settling in for a spell. If you are still watching, you’ll note…

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