56 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 2/8/18

  1. That’s a tricky one, you mean can you blow your own trumpet lol. Funny though as I was leaving work tonight the boss stopped me and congratulated me on turning our Level 1 students around and that they are now one of the best classes in the college and you’ll have to trust me here, they were complete and utter animals, but five months later hey ho.

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    • Helping kids elevate themselves is definitely inspiring. Living and inspired life (to me) means that one is more focused on helping others and less self-absorbed. You should be proud of your achievements!

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  2. In some way I hope so. Living out my dreams show my kids and friends to do the same, even if it doesn’t seem to be easy to do. Here I also mean to leave my country for a new one with much better weather and health conditions for me.
    I think, that we can inspire in both ways. What we are doing of mistakes and our success too.

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  3. Not yet. I’m currently recovering from having a tumor removed from my face/jawline. The fear of cancer or dying from cancer became very real for me. Thankfully it was a begine tumor but while I was waiting on the results from my biospy and even before I had the surgery, I just kept thinking over and over again that I am not living the life that God has called me to do. I am not helping others in a way that is inspiring to others. I promised God that if he allowed me to live a little bit longer that I would take these gifts that He gave me and run with it. So maybe you will ask this question again in a year or so and I will be able to have a different yet better answer.

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  4. Believe it or not but I always hear from others how inspirational I am to them. I suppose because I have faced so many trials and challenges people view me as one strong lady. At least those are the words I hear more often than not.

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  5. I am slightly embarrassed to say that it seems my life is an inspiration to others. This is primarily because I have survived two potentially life threatening surgeries, and have had both hips replaced and still continue to ride, train and compete. People often tell me i inspire them and I am grateful for that. People need inspiration to get through tough times and if I can be a beacon for anyone going through illness then I am happy about that.

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  6. I always think no. But, after losing a substantial amount of weight and starting to run, I have had people that I don’t even know or have ever seen stop me to tell me that they have been watching me and that I am an inspiration to them. I think it’s just a reminder that we are being watched by those around us whether or not we realize it.

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