Energy Vampires Are Lurking


Energy vampires are lurking…

One of the most difficult things to do is to cut bait from people who use up our energy in a negative way.  I judge the people I allow in my inner-circle on whether they fill my energy tank or drain my energy tank.  If I find a person to be more draining, then I distance myself from that person.  I am incredibly guarded in that way and I am like that for a specific purpose…I simply don’t have the patience to deal with people who are energy vampires.

If you have followed my page for any time you may know that I am particular about the people I allow to hang around me.  I want positive, goal-oriented and intelligent people in my corner.  I don’t want lazy, junk food eating, uninspired and negative people in my life.  Maybe I have gotten to the age that I realize time is important and I am no longer willing to allow for too much drama.  And when I take a deeper dive into the makeup of the energy vampire they are usually self-absorbed and negative; two characteristics I will not allow to have a place in my life.

Energy vampires are easy to spot.  They might exhibit any of the following characteristics: stubborn, opinionated, high sense of self, controlling, negative, demeaning, angry and/or pity themselves.

When I see any of these character traits I watch closely to see what is going on behind the scenes.  If I then discern the person is legit, I allow them a little closer.  But they are going to have a lot of work to do to prove to me they are worth any effort on my part.

I guard my inner-circle closely because it is crucial to my success to have positive people around me, not naysayers and Debbie Downers.  And at this point in my life I simply don’t have the time nor the patience for dragging anchors.


17 thoughts on “Energy Vampires Are Lurking

  1. I don’t like energy vampires either, but do have some in my family, which are more difficult to keep away from. I can only show the way, not walk it for them.
    I try my best not to judge anyone, it is simply not my job. When I learn new souls to know, I watch them and their actions, before they get any closer. I wish to have trustworthy souls in my inner circle, no matter they are family or not. All deserve a chance, but it is not all, who will be good for us to have too close.

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  2. I have cut a few “friends” out of my life for this reason. The older I get I don’t have the patience to be the constant cheerleader for people who don’t want to take responsibility for themselves, don’t want to help or better themselves and would rather revel in self pity, using it as an excuse for everyone else in their lives to take care of them. Energy vampires are very draining (no pun intended) and I just don’t have it in me anymore to continue to pick up the pieces of the latest drama for people who don’t appreciate it anyway. I found myself being taken for granted and not being treated equally in the friendship by these energy suckers, more often than not. There is no give and take with a vampire, only take and I decided it was time for me to abandon ship before they sunk me right along with them.

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  3. It’s sad that this is even a lesson that anyone has to learn. It is really difficult to do especially if it is someone who’s close to you like family or friends who turn toxic and don’t begin that way. Divorcing them isn’t always an option.

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    • Divorcing is an option, it just isn’t a fun or easy option. But I have done it with family members on 2 occasions. I simply couldn’t live my life with them in it any longer so they had to go. It was difficult for a time.


      • I’ve also had that situation. The difficulty comes in where other family members question or undermine your decision after they know your stance. I’ve had my decision disrespected in such ways.

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      • That is going to happen. It just occurred in my life a couple weeks ago, but inside myself I know I have made the right choice so I just move on. As long as I know what is best for me then no one else’s opinion matters. Not my wife, my mom, my sister nor my dad. Only I matter in this instance.


  4. Good for you Mr Danny … my elimination guidelines include cursing, speaking bad about others and self-justification of bad behavior. Thanks for the new terminology. Accurate, thought provoking and humorous. g

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