44 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 2/10/18

  1. No, absolutely not. I have un-followed several other bloggers, when I visit and view up between 34-45 ads just in the first blog post, as I visit. This annoys me and I comment to the blogger about this and if it continues, I stop following. I need to click at many ads to remove them, just to be able to read the blog post, so no thank you.

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  2. No. I think ads and pop-ups tend to annoy people. Simplicity may not being income or traffic, but I feel like my readers—especially non-blogger readers—find it a more welcoming space. That said, I wish I could get rid of the WordPress-generated ones because they get kind of bizarre at times.

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  3. I don’t have a premium account here on WP, so whatever ads one sees are random WP ads not chosen by.
    A while back I was considering adding a popup for email subscription. I thought it would be a good way to boost my traffic. But then, it seemed like every blog I entered I was welcomed by that very pop up. And no matter how cute/ inviting its design, I never spent more than a split second looking at it and always ended up closing it without signing up. It felt very intrusive, especially since you can sign up for the email notifications without that popup. I know that’s different, but I find these two topics similar. So, no. I do not plan on running ads at the moment.
    However, I never say never. Maybe one day it will make more sense to me to run ads.

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  4. I don’t run ads on my blog. However, due to the fact that it is hosted at wordpress.com, the company (WordPress) run ads. I could avoid them doing so by purchasing an upgrade, however I choose not to do so on the grounds that I am already paying for a wordpress.com domain and I don’t believe that I should pay an additional fee for no advertisements on newauthoronline.com. Kevin

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  5. I only have the ones on the bottom of the post, necessary for being able to have a free blog. I think pop ups are irritating and don’t go back to that site. I read a lot of blogs and loading time is important. The use of blinking gifs is also annoying to old eyes, even though they are fun to look at. But I usually scroll up as soon as I read around them so it doesn’t continue to bug me. I just blog for fun, not money.

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