Should You Drop WordAds From Your Blog?

DannyShould You Drop WordAds From Your Blog?

I try to stay away from making statements about other people or their blogs.  My preferred method is to ask questions and leave it up to the other person to decide for themselves.  So when I give the following advice as it relates to the WordAds program, I do so from my own experience hoping it will shed some light on why I dropped the program.

Shortly after I began blogging I decided I was going to monetize my blog and allow WordAds to display advertising on my site.  For those who are unfamiliar here is how it works…

WordAds allows random ads on your site based on the behavioral, geographic and demographic targeting designed by a Google Adwords campaign.  So a company targeting women between the ages of 25-55 might want ads delivered on my page due to this being my target demographic; approximately 70% of my daily views are women.    The way each blog gets paid is based on impression share, with an impression being the number of times someone actually looks at the ad.

I had visions of sugar plums dancing in my head and I already had a budget to help direct the flow of cash that would soon befall me.  I would quickly realize all of my hopes would be dashed and WordAds would prove to be a huge disappointment.

I thought if I could work my page to 100,000+ views each month then I would be able to build a nice little ad revenue stream and eventually maybe become a full-time blogger.  In April 2016 I passed the 60,000 views per month mark and was excited to see the ad revenue.  When the number posted I was shocked to say the least.  $34.30 paid on 58,340 impressions.  Thirty-four, 3, 4.  Wow I was so disappointed.  I did the math and realized that it would take me millions upon millions of monthly views just to get to a few hundred dollars.

A few months later I would suspend the service.

One of the main reasons for turning the ads off was it slowed down my load time on my site.  I have also noticed this on nearly every single blog I visit that has the ad program turned on.  I wonder why someone would be willing to sacrifice views and user-experience for $20 per month.  For me it made no sense.  Right now my load speed is faster than about 80% of the websites in existence, loading in under 2 seconds.  When I ran ads on my site I averaged load speeds well over 4-5 seconds putting me in the bottom 40%.   Why is this important?  In this day-and-age people demand fast, fast and fast.  They simply are not going to hang around for long if a website is slow, which means the chances of a new reader clicking away and never returning are quite realistic.

Plus, why give up primo space on my website to help make someone else tons of money, when I only get pennies?  So I decided to turn the ads off and sacrifice the $20 instead of slowing down my load time and discouraging people from visiting.

The other issue revolved around the content of the advertising.  I had zero control over which ads would be viewed on my site and often times people would email me asking why I allowed Asian or Russian dating sites to advertise on my site.  As if in some way I was endorsing these ads.  Also, there were tons of soda and processed food ads which I don’t endorse.  I can see how someone would see an ad and think I was providing direct advertising to a particular brand or industry when if fact I was not.

My experience ended badly and I’ve never, ever considered turning the ad program back on.  I am not willing to sacrifice the readers experience for a few dollars each month.

I encourage you to think strongly about using ads that slow down your site because in today’s world people are quick to click away and move on.  And once they’re gone you might not ever get a second chance.


12 thoughts on “Should You Drop WordAds From Your Blog?

  1. I can only agree with you, Danny.
    Even at self-hosted blogs, there can be millions, oh no but quite many ads, up to 70 ads in one page and this make me running screaming away very fast. I come to visit and read at the blog, not to close tons of ads before I get a chance to read the post.

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  2. 1. I welcome any and all feedback, so I encourage people to speak openly about my blog. It can help me become better.
    2. Thank you for sharing the details of your experience. The addition of the exact numbers helps us decide whether to go for it or not.

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