Public Housing, a chance to have my own place before dad passes

Tessa Can Do It - Positivity is Everything!

Believe it or not Public Housing called and I have an interview for an apartment. There are 150 of us and only 6 apartments. The odds are against me. I had lost some of my important paperwork and spent the last 2 days frantically searching for them. Eventually I did find them.

It is not the town I wanted, but I have no choice. I have to take whatever I can get. It is actually across the street almost from when I lived in that town before. I also didn’t expect an interview so soon. The waiting list is 5 to 10 years, but I have been on it only a year and a half. They usually only take 100 people at a time, but this time took 150 and I was number 148. There are signs, but still the odds are against me.

I have to get the cat…

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