Is There More To WordPress Than Just Blogging?

DannyIs There More To WordPress Than Just Blogging?

A common misconception that bloggers on make is they misunderstand what this platform is all about.  They make the mistake of believing that all that is required is to produce an epic saga and people will flock to their page to read the wonders found within.  What they quickly realize is is much, much more than a one-sided relationship.

Jason at Harsh Reality taught me this lesson a few years back and taught me the “key” to comprehending and I’m here to pass it along to you. in its basic form is a social media platform just like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.  At its heart is the function of connecting and interacting and it is much different from requires, for those who wish to grow, interpersonal synergy and without synergy, the relationship withers and dies.

This is why I have implored my friends here are to reach out to others; find people who think the way you think, believe what you believe.  It’s the reciprocal action of friendship that drives the blood flow of this platform and unless you understand this simple concept, your page will flounder.

Once Jason explained the social media aspect of WP my page was off and running and I believe yours will also.  Take the time to connect.  Build synergy.  Build relationships.  Give more than you take.  Reblog other pages.  Help someone without being asked for help.  Read.  Like.  Comment.  Connect.  Care.

These are the keys to the WP kingdom.


39 thoughts on “Is There More To WordPress Than Just Blogging?

  1. Totally agree! It’s an amazingly supportive community. Even as my blog grows, taking the time to read, be kind, and supportive of each other has created a wonderful worldwide connection for people to be seen and heard. 🙂

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  3. This is such a great post, I thought I was the only one who believed is a social media. Ever since I joined I always saw it as a way to connect with people and it’s amazing when you find someone who shares the same ideas with you. There is no harm in Liking, commenting and reaching out to people. It’s not a give and take, we all need to learn how to connect and give each other support that way can richly grow by developing strong relationship here that lasts forever.

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  4. The synergy, connection and friendship is what keeps me glued to blogging on WordPress. People have tried to convince me to get on other blogging platforms but hey I am enjoying the company here. I should work more on encouraging other bloggers. Thanks for this Danny.

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