16 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 2/18/18

      1. It’s easier to change the culture within a business. Comply or lose your paycheck. At home too. Comply or lose your phone or your Xbox. Societies as a whole is a little bit more complex.

  1. Well, for one thing, it is always changing. The question is; In what direction? For really significant changes, the deep preconceptions and assumptions, it usually takes generations, at least.

      1. Companies can change more quickly, if a CEO and Board are clear about where they are going and willing to fire any number of people and hire new ones to get it done. More often, alas, its mostly PR.

  2. Depends. Sometimes it takes years to and sometimes it can be a thing spanning about a year like a band overseas. Depends on the flexibility and popularity of the concept. My opinions.

  3. I’ve read some studies. Change to culture, true lasting change that sticks is gradual. Often it’s only when you look back that you recognize change has taken place.

  4. I agree with some of the other comments that culture change can happen in corporations at a pretty cracking pace if approached in the right way. Our son works for a company that does this kind of thing. They have flotillas of data scientists, marketing psychologists, etc etc. So they can do it. But outside of that , outside of corporations and businesses, in the rest of the world can we change a culture? That is much trickier.

  5. It’s been done in other countries. It takes a massive concerted effort. I’m not sure our country is capable of it. We have a tragedy like Parkland and then a Kardashian farts and everyone forgets about the tragedy and moves on until the next one. We need to take these things seriously. Our children are in danger until we do.

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