16 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 2/18/18

  1. I’ve read some studies. Change to culture, true lasting change that sticks is gradual. Often it’s only when you look back that you recognize change has taken place.


  2. I agree with some of the other comments that culture change can happen in corporations at a pretty cracking pace if approached in the right way. Our son works for a company that does this kind of thing. They have flotillas of data scientists, marketing psychologists, etc etc. So they can do it. But outside of that , outside of corporations and businesses, in the rest of the world can we change a culture? That is much trickier.

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  3. It’s been done in other countries. It takes a massive concerted effort. I’m not sure our country is capable of it. We have a tragedy like Parkland and then a Kardashian farts and everyone forgets about the tragedy and moves on until the next one. We need to take these things seriously. Our children are in danger until we do.

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