58 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 2/20/18

  1. In a Word Press forum, they have not given an answer, but there’s a person sharing there as if speaking for Word Press, and they tried picking a personal fight with myself and at least one other. I challenged their alternative suggestion of “creating” a post and linking back to the original. It sounded as if she was suggesting to copy and paste as an alternative to reblogging.

    I shared that a major benefit of the reblog button was so rebloggers could not change the content of original posts they reblog. Evidently, that rattled her cage so she decided to visit my blog and offer her unfair and ignorant assessment that my embedding links to my news sources means that I don’t actually create original content.

    Oh — and she gave a link to where bloggers can search the internet to see if their content is being STOLEN.

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  2. We have an answer from a Word Press Happiness Engineer

    ” Hi all. Just an update. It appears this happened because we removed some deprecated code, i.e. code for a feature that no longer exists, but it seems the reblog button was also using some of that code.

    Adding back the deprecated code is not an option, so our developers are working on replacing it with updated code that will allow the button to work again. We’re already testing potential fixes, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer.


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