26 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 2/23/18

  1. Way to make me feel guilty, thanks a lot Danny! Since I’m having company all weekend I woke up and it’s freezing, so am hiding under the covers until I can make myself get up and out to face it. I am resting while I can, another hour and it will be nonstop action. I live alone so am completely spoiled rotten as far as my time goes. But now you’ve done it…I’m up!😂 Have a nice weekend!

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  2. In one way you could say not a chance in another way I do. So for example I had a nap this afternoon, I was tired maybe not a good use of time considering everything I had to do, but also without it I would of taken twice as long to do anything, plus it is also good for me.

    Basically I am trying to justify my nap

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  3. It depends on how busy I am. When work is bubbling up and I have writing deadlines (self-imposed), I tend to be more productive and efficient with my time. It is, however, very important to have some time to waste doing things like coloring with my nine-year-old, listening to music, reading, etc.

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