Are Bloggers Getting Greedy?

Elena Peters | Midlife Blogger

Raise your hand. Who wants more money?

My hand is up. Is yours?

With over 75% of households in American living paycheck to paycheck, it’s no surprise that everyone NEEDS more. Would more money solve your problem of living one pay away from financial disaster? Probably not. But that’s an entirely different discussion.

The real question is, how far are you willing to go for more money?

Are you willing to sell, sell, sell till everyone is sick of you and your ads/emails?

Are you ok knowing that other money strapped bloggers are going into more debt to buy your products because they believe you hold some magic secret to success?

Does it matter to you that MOST bloggers that purchase your product/services/affiliate products will never make a dime and quit?

I have been told many times that with my following and pageviews, I should sell more. I should…

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