39 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 2/25/18

  1. It’s nearly impossible to give just one piece of advice, but I’d say it’s completely vital that both parents work as a united force. Discipline, teach, discuss whatever, as a team. Oh, and don’t raise an asshole.

      1. pssttt! I hope no one is listening to our conversation right now….but I really wanted to say put them up for adoption! I’m completely kidding of course. I love kids! It’s parenting I would hate! Being an aunt is the best thing ever…

  2. Don’t ask other people for advice on how to parent, your child is going to be different to everyone elses. You are going to parent differently, you are going to have different views from everyone else. Do what is right for you and your family and let people judge away, till they have walked a mile in your shoes they go jump

      1. It would depend, if it was what one bit of advice would I ask overall on the parenting, it is literally don’t take anyone else’s advice, if it was on something specific like breastfeeding, pros and cons, I would give them what little knowledge I have but end it with, this is my experience with it.

      2. Oh okay. I get it. Do things your way based on your best judgement and your child, not on what others tell you. That is kind of the “don’t take others advice”. I misread it, sorry.

  3. Remember to respect your kids need for privacy, which they like to get already from 2-3 years old. Fx. when they are playing with friends and want not to be disturbed all the time.
    I was raised different and never got that privacy, why I chose to give my own kids this and they loved it.
    Later when they had friends visiting and were talking or playing and chose to close their door, I knocked always on the door, before I walked in. This showed them, that I respected them too.

  4. DON’T PANIC! But, of course, they will. Seriously, I think I would advise them to share the parenting load as equally as possible. It helps both their sanity and is a good role model. I’ll throw in one more, just to break the rule. Read to your kids, a lot.

      1. Specifically, trust God to provide you with everything you need in terms raising your child (i.e, wisdom, the right people and relationships, finances, etc.). So it means turn to Him and ask Him to help you with everything pertaining to raising the child.

  5. Enjoy the small stuff for one day you will look back and realize it was the big stuff. (I paraphrased and borrowed this from a wiser mind than my own). ~ Kurt Vonnegut. I chose it because time goes by way too quickly. Blink and you’ll have an almost 30 year old like me 🙂

    1. I have friends who just had a baby and they need this advice. She freaks out at every little thing. If not for her husband I think they’d be in the ER 3 times each week.

  6. Remember, you are a parent. Too many parents try to be their child’s friend and end up doing them a great disservice by not correcting their course when they go astray. They might not like you at that moment, but they will thank you down the road.

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