Do I Measure Up? Don’t Let Self-Doubt Sabotage You!

Reclaiming HOPE

Do I Measure Up_

Do you ever just feel “stuck”? If you do, you’re not alone. That’s exactly where I’ve been the last couple of weeks. Often, when I find myself in this situation, it’s because I’ve started doubting myself. I’ll have my clear path marked out, I’ll be making some good progress, and then wham! I’m knocked completely off the path and can’t seem to get back on it.

That has certainly been the case with my blog these last couple of weeks. I got in my own head about whether my writing style is too simplistic and if I really had any business being here in the blogosphere among *real* writers, but I finally realized a few days ago that the ability to write and speak simply is actually my gift. I’ve spent years breaking down sometimes-complex ideas into simple, actionable steps.

As I told my friend a few weeks ago, I’m…

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