Crime in Sports – Podcast

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This week’s podcast mention is Crime in Sports. I just love these guys and this podcast, their podcast revolves around the world of sports.

Crime in Sports Image from: Crime in Sports

These guys are comedians: they do their podcast on guys (athletes) who have committed crimes. Boxers, hockey players, basketball players, baseball players, football, you get the gist😊.

They are freaking hilariously, am telling you, am usually giggling on the subway listening to these guys they; seriously give a good bashing on these criminals.

I know, one shouldn’t be giggling about someone getting hurt by some dumbass, but it’s the dumbass that we are laughing at not the victim. These guys (James and Jimmy) do it well, blending true crime with comedy. And of course, some of the crimes these athletes (boneheads) commit are very serious, not just taking drugs, or beating up another fellow athlete and losing their career in…

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