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  1. Took my wife (my girlfriend at the time) on a weekend getaway to the mountains of NC. I decided to show her something I was into, and took her on a river run on the Nantahala. She had little experience with whitewater kayaking, but the Nantahala is fairly mild, so I thought it’d be a reasonably easy run for her to make, even as a novice. We were doing fine until about halfway down the run where it got a little more intense. I told her I’d go first so she could see the route and I’d meet her at the bottom of the rapids. Made my run through just fine and stopped in an eddy to get a visual on her. She did great for the first 25 yards, but got caught in a bit of a hydraulic, leading to her coming through the final 25 yards upside down. I paddled over to her as fast as I could and got out of my kayak to flip her upright. Should’ve seen her face when I got her turned over! She didn’t paddle with me for years after that, and still tries to talk me outta going on my whitewater trips to this day. 😃

  2. Well as exciting as all of the above mine is rather blah. I went to my first play, Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” with one of the GIs where I worked. Loved it, the play, not him!😂

  3. I went to the South Pole, battled some polar bears and then took on the yeti to save my love one

    Na not really, I don’t think I have had something that could be exciting, I have some amazing memories but none which would be considered exciting.

    1. Honestly, I’ve never had “exciting” dates either. I’ve had great dates, but I’m not much of an excitement junkie. I like a quiet corner to talk. A good conversation is my excitement.

  4. I think it would have been with my then wife to see Joan Baez at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago, although it could have been to see Bob Dylan at Orchestra Hall in Chicago – kind of a toss up. In a completely different way it could be the time a girlfriend was coming to visit by train from Minneapolis when I lived in Galena, IL (far Northwest corner of the state) and the train station was somewhere between Madison and Milwaukee, WI, and I drove most of the width of Wisconsin each way in a blizzard to pick her up.

  5. Exciting? Not sure what constitutes exciting. I was dating a guy for a good while and he surprised me with what I thought was an ordinary boat ride, but we ended up in Key West. It was a good run. Then he sold the boat. sigh

  6. Hmm… exciting? There have been several, but about two weeks before meeting my spouse I met an Irishman while vacationing on a cruise to Alaska. He was not a crew member, but his brother was the navigator on the ship so one evening, he took me to the bridge and we enjoyed hot cocoa in the near total darkness of the bridge. Then we went out on deck and glimpsed the Northern Lights in the distance. It was totally amazing. He was a good guy, but two weeks later I literally fell flat on my face in front of my future husband while walking down a ramp. My husband said later that he was so impressed with how I jumped up, dusted off, and kept walking. Apparently he told his friend, “that’s the woman for me—she’s tough!” 😂

      1. No. I went on the cruise and met the first guy. It was too early to be super serious. A week later I went on a camping trip with some friends and apparently my husband-to-be and I had mutual friends. About an hour after we met and started talking, I was walking down a ramp (while talking) and fell down flat on my face. Having just humiliated myself, I sprang up, dusted off, and tried to act like nothing happened. Little did I know…

  7. In 1984, I started dating my future wife. We went out to dinner so I could thank her for introducing me to her dad who I worked for at the time. We were both engaged to other people, but the feelings we both had trumped what we felt with our respective fiances. The job only lasted a year. Now, almost 34 years later, we are still married with a strong bond.

  8. I’ve had my fair share of great dates but one I will always remember included a guy outing himself as bisexual in front of a former girlfriend, her playing ‘Comptine D’Un Autre Ete’ on the piano for us, classical dancing, luke warm wine and him asking me if I had any coke. The last part wasn’t great but besides that it was a perfect evening and this last question showed me that it wasn’t meant to last. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun.

      1. I think if it didn’t happen to me I wouldn’t believe that a ‘romantic’ date like this ended that way. But it did and now I can laugh about it 😀

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