18 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 3/2/18

  1. When I was a child & we first moved to Tennessee, all the other girls at school decided they hated me. They spoke disparagingly of me all the time, acted like I was dirty & would leave extra space if they had to stand behind me in line. Looks of disgust would always be on their faces whenever they looked at me.

    I wasn’t a weird kid, didn’t even look odd. Wasn’t really heavy or skinny, super average really. I wasn’t dirty or smelly. None of that mattered to them.

    Mostly I ignored them, but chose to instead respond, somewhat, in kind. I did not speak behind their backs, or spread vicious rumors as they loved to do to me. I did however return the looks of disgust & made sure to keep extra space between me & them whenever I was similarly in line. Should a teacher force a close to the gap I tended to make sure they knew that I was grossed out. Which wasn’t really true, but hey, they begged for it.


  2. I am so dense with this type of thing, they would have to come right out and say they hated me make it really obvious, so if I do I haven’t noticed, and if they did I would probably tell them to fuck off, hating takes a hell of a lot of effort, I find that about a lot of negative emotions,

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  3. I didn’t have one person sticking with me and hating me but I’ve been bullied for many years and I had a lot of hate going my way because I’m gay. It affected me very much in the begining, and I would be lying if I said that it doesn’t affect me anymore. Yeah it’s just words and stuff, but they are hurtful just like they are supposed to. Best way for me to deal with it is trying to analyse what lied beneath the hate, why people spread hate at all.. Answer usually is that the person themselve is unhappy. That kinda turns it around for me in a twisted way.

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  4. I used to agonize over this kind of thing. Most haters were either jealous or insecure. I’d try to win them over by minimizing my own accomplishments. I’ve learned, in my advanced age, to just move on to those that aren’t haters.

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