Why Are You Better Off Ignoring Haters?


Why Are You Better Off Ignoring Haters?

There are always going to be haters in your life.  They could be in your family, at your job, at your place of worship or maybe in your neighborhood.  There are people who are going to resent somebody for something and it doesn’t really matter who it is or why they hate; they just need to hate.  Family might be tougher to deal with than others, but it is better to ignore the haters.

You cannot allow them to redirect any of your energy.  Yes, they will talk about you when you are not around.  Don’t participate.  Yes, they will spread rumors.  Don’t acknowledge them.  Yes, they will make snide remarks.  Don’t respond.  These types of people should get zero of your energy and even less of your attention.

The truth is once your begin participating in their game, they have won.  And trust me they are much, much better at what they do than you’ll ever be so ignore them.  Ignore every single thing they do.  Ignore every single thing they say.  Ignore any of their soldiers who try to bring that venom into your life.

Absolutely, positively refuse to participate.

When they see you are not willing to play they will find someone else with which to play.  And even if they don’t stop just continue to ignore them.

Walking into their world is like walking into quick sand.  The more you struggle with them the faster you sink.

It is better not to play in quick sand; it is better to ignore the haters!


22 thoughts on “Why Are You Better Off Ignoring Haters?

  1. There has been some dreadful “hating” in the horse world this past year. One website takes videos of certain professional riders while they are warming up in competition. Then the video is edited together to show only the worst moments. This site has a very large number of followers. I have never been on it. I will never go on it. The person has now been banned from one of the big show grounds . Professionals reputations are at stake here which is what makes it so dreadful. Recently there was a move by some people to complain to companies that advertise on the website. The advertisers just gave form replies. Disappointing. I realized that I know the person who is behind this website. I sat next to this person at a dressage championship a few years ago in the media area. It struck me this person was a poser. I looked the person up and found out that everything I had been told me as to what they were doing ( riding at an advanced level and aiming for team qualification) was a lie. This person is a fraud. And in the envy of others who are succeeding this person has become a hater and is making a profession out of it. Sad. And disgusting.

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  3. Thank you. I needed to read this today. I just experienced another hateful rant from my estranged daughter yesterday. It’s hard to ignore, but try, I must, or let it eat away at me.

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